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The hottest way to connect with people on the spot!

Regardless where you are Blu Connect will connect you through blue tooth with others that match your profile and criteria setting via Invite Cards.

Whether you are at a night club, a social event or a business meeting Blue Connect will find and send to your phone that individuals’ photo and matching information based on your criteria settings. If you are looking for a date or if you are looking to connect with someone in your field of work, Blu Connect will do just that. Once you accept the Invite the persons profile will be automatically saved in your phone book and Blu Connect list. Spot the person in the crowd and walk up to them or call them later.

Meeting the right people at the right time is what Blu Connect is all about!
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Once you accept an invitation that individuals information will automatically be saved in your phones Contacts and Blu Connect list. You can add more than one particular criteria in each field, for instance if you have more than one hobby, profession, etc.

iPhone 4g users can have to application run in the background continuously as they multi task. iPhone 3g users must have the application running in order for it to “search and connect”.


How to use the BLU Connect app on your iPhone:

To use this app, you need to fill your profile in which you will specify information about yourself. Then in criteria you need to tell whom you are searching for.
Please follow the given steps.

1. First of all click on “My Profile" tab and fill up fields like Image, Name, Age, Gender etc.

2. In your profile, at least fill up your name, email address or phone/cell number and any one criteria field fill in so that the person who will receive your profile as invitation would be able to contact you via your email address or either may call you and that your profile matches the criteria set by other user. If you haven't filled in your name and any other criteria field, no other BLU Connect user will be able to search for you although you can set criteria to add other users if they match your criteria.

3. Click on Criteria tab and fill up fields (to whom you are searching) like what shall be the age of person, what gender (Either Male of Female), etc.

4. Please specify the age range of required person like 20-39. The app will search the persons whose age is in between 20 and 39 range. If you want to search for age of 20 only, then specify like 20 - 20.

5. If less criteria fields are filled up, more chances for finding someone you desire, like if you fill up only gender as male, then you will receive the invitations from all male profiles having this app installed and running. If you fill up male and gender, then it will match both criteria so lets say if you set gender as male and age as 20, it will only search for profiles whose age is 20 and gender is male.

6. If battery power is less then 10% of iphone, then bluetooth wont work so your battery power has to be at least 20%.