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下载ME&CITY ,开启一段优质生活之旅


羡慕这种时尚、惬意、随性的生活?其实并不是那么难,只要你与ME&CITY 一同启程,每一天,不同城市,不同气候,不同的时尚人事,随时奉上。让ME&CITY 带领你一起遨游世界,畅享在慢活的城市优质生活中。

ME&CITY的第一站,欧洲的创意之城LONDON,在这里你可以干什么?欣赏美丽的伦敦眼?去精灵王子Orlando曾经踏足的The Churchill's Arm喝杯小酒?去探寻藏有古董戒指的Vintage小店?又或者something else?


Loading ME&CITY apps to have a trip to a beautiful life

Have you ever dreamed finding a cooking book you have longed to buy in Shakspeare & Company? Have you ever dreamed having a hairstyle you never tried before in an old-style building of New York ? Have you ever dreamed taking part in a yacht party with thousand people on the Thames? Have you ever dreamed lining up to wait for the afternoon tea and enjoying the Channel girls at the same time?

If you wanna have a life full of pleasureful relaxation like that,ME&CITY can make your dream come true. It updates you the fashion news anytime during different cities as well as guides you enjoy a high-quality life in the world.

Well, the first station is LONDON, in which you can visit the London Eye, have a drink in the Churchill's Arm once Orlando Bloom ever been there, find an antique ring in vintage, etc.

"Me&City" APP will be on air in Y2011, please pay your attention on our website as