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Text for Instagram photo - TypoInsta (Effect for Text, Photo and Texting)

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Use TypoInsta to add your words on photos! 

TypoInsta (Typography Insta) allows you 
to add text on Instagram photos. 

Also you can apply various typography style 
(drop shadow, stamp and so on) to text. 

=== Features ===
・ 130+ fonts
・ Scale up/down and rotate text
・ Multi line and vertical text
・ 30 text effects (Drop shadow, Solid shadow, etc...)
・ 15 filters and 25 frames
・ Adjustment of saturation, brightness and contrast
・ Max resolution
 iPhone 4/4S:1920x1920, 
 iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4th Gen:1280x1280
(If you use iPod touch, it recommends setting 640.)
・ Edit square and rectanguler photo
・ Post on Facebook or Twitter, 
transfer photos to the official Instagram app
・ Add-on Items : 15 frames and 300 labels

*Compatible devices: 
-iPhone 3GS / iPod touch 4th Gen or later, iOS4.3 HIGHER
We have confirmed that the app runs on the above devices. 

== Various typography styles == 
The app contains the following 30 styles: 
- Normal 
- Drop shadow 
- Solid shadow 
- Half tone 
- Stamp 
- Outline 
- Bump (Bumping style. Changes the font baseline randomly) 
- Dance (Spin and change the font baseline randomly to look as if the font is dancing) 
- Scrap book (Scrap book style. Any specified font size settings will be ignored) 
- And other 20 styles 

== HIGH Resolution ==
 iPhone 4/4S : 1920x1920, 
 iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4th Gen : 1280x1280
(If you use iPod touch, it recommends setting 640.)

== Smooth typing controls == 
We also pursue the smooth operability of typing control. 

The app has intuitive gesture controls, 
and you can simply pinch to zoom in/out, or rotate the texts. 

== Individually selectable filters and frames == 
You can choose any combination of 15 filters and 15 frames. 

== Saturation, Brightness and Contrast adjustment == 
You can enjoy the photos more in details by adjusting the filters and frames. 

== Post on Facebook or Twitter, transfer photos to the official Instagram app == 
You can post on Facebook or Twitter directly from the app, moreover you can transfer the pictures to the official Instagram app and post them. 

== Sample pictures == 
You can find sample pictures on the link below. 

*** Notes *** 
- You may wait a bit longer to add text for the first time you use the app. 
- When you select a new image, the filter you applied to the previous photo will be removed. 
- iOS 5:After choosing a photo, the problem you can't fit it to the square is a bug in iOS 5. But you can fit it by scaling up a photo once.

*** How to download the labels ***
You can download following steps.

First, set ‘Auto-Lock’ as ‘Never’ in your device.
‘Settings’ app -> ‘General’ -> ‘Auto-Lock’ 
-> ‘Never’.

And, "PHOTO" in this App -> "SETTINGS" 
-> "Download the add-on items".