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Without water life is impossible...

Therefore a sufficient daily water intake is very important.

At least half of the daily recommended supply should be taken through drink.

Sufficient hydration preserves health and increases a general feeling of wellbeing, concentration and efficiency.
The older we get, the lesser we feel the early signs of dehydration and the more important it becomes to drink often before feeling thirsty.
During every decade of life it becomes more and more important to have a proportionate intake of liquid througout the day.

The feeling of thirst is already a sign of dehydration and late liquid intake.
But how much should we drink?

This depends on such a lot of individual factors, that we focused on a rule of thumb, which calculates 30 milliliters per kilogram of body weight.

With an 'easy-to-configure' timer you'll be notified by your iPhone when it's time to drink something. The desired size of a portion is adjustable. Individual setup of the time period allows to avoid notification while you are asleep or otherwise not available.

Desk workers - like us - will notice the effect in a short period of time. While we were testing the App we experienced increased concentration levels, which helps especially during some hot summer days.

So, check out our App and don't be surprised, it's tough…
If it's too tough, just increase the size of the drinking unit. This will generate greater time intervals ;-)

Best regards from the Hellmeier MediaDesign team

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