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Instarocket is an educational tool for you to learn about sizing earth-to-orbit launch vehicles.

Instarocket is developed by Zero Point Frontiers Corp. (ZPFC), an engineering firm with expertise in design integration, system analysis, architecture development, and decision management. We provide payload and subsystem analysis and integration support of large-scale space flight systems composed of inter-dependent vehicles, systems and infrastructure for government and commercial customers.

Instarocket is our first attempt to translate some of the techniques and expertise that we use when working with NASA and the aerospace industry into an educational tool that can help others understand more about engineering, design, and propulsion systems. We will continue to refine this product, and create additional products for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, that will support this outreach.

And, if you like what you see, and would like to procure our services, please contact us at

When designing a launch vehicle, the first step is sizing the stages to get a desired amount of payload into orbit. This tool will help you learn about how sizing of a launch vehicle works, as well as how rockets work. The included extensive help files will walk you through the basics of orbits, rocket propulsion, delta-v, delta-v goals and delta-v penalties. The language is casual and intended for people new to launch vehicles. Equations are included for better understanding of the concepts.

Simple diagram showing launch vehicle layout
Diagram shows volume of fuel vs oxidizer
User-controlled sliders for stage propellant loads
User-controlled slider for payload mass
Dynamic updates for all outputs
Email configuration information from within the app
Extensive help file:
Descriptions of all terminology
Introduction material for how rockets work
Support for AirPrint from help files

Vehicle diameter
Interstage and shroud masses
Stage PMF, number of engines, fuel type
Engine Isp, thrust, and length

Mass breakdowns
Delta-v for each stage
Delta-v bonus/penalty for each stage
Total delta-v
Delta-v margin for orbit insertion