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Spanish Words for Beginners (ES4L2)

  • Education
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Spanish 4 Beginners is a tool for beginning learners of the Spanish language. The Wordz Lianxi practice system provides a mechanism for reviewing, learning and testing your memory of 288 basic Spanish words. When used as part of Spanish language education, this simple “match the words to pictures” exercise helps to remember basic words in the Spanish Language. The system works by having the student match English to Spanish words and pictures, and for matching Spanish words to English words and pictures. Faster completion and fewer mistakes result in higher scores. The game includes 288 basic words in 16 sets, including a good mix of nouns, adjectives and verbs. Nouns are introduced with their respective definite articles to help English learners recognize noun genders. A good range of word groups are covered that will be useful to any beginning and elementary Spanish language learner. See the screen shots below!

The game includes a "study mode" to allow learners to progress through the words and associate them with the pictures at their own pace. All words are voiced with both male and female voice options.