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Are you a math nerd? Or maybe you’re just someone who enjoys math, but also wants to improve their skills? Either way, Digitron might be an app for you to check out.
Digitron is a universal app that takes mathematics and turns it into something fun (finally!). It provides a drop down box in which various numbers and mathematical formula signs fall down, and you have to place them in order to create and solve the proper equation. Similar to tetris, but oh so much more mathematically challenging. No matter your abilities, you should find this game to be one that entertains and instructs, which is something we could use more of in this life.

Quick Instructions:
You can move any block on the screen if there is empty space next to it.

Digitron game exercises math skills by asking player to quickly combine numbers and operators to solve common arithmetic problems.

Main task in this game is very simple. Align 5 blocks correctly anywhere on the screen and they will disappear.
Blocks can be moved left and right as they drop.

Operators can be changed by tapping on them and cycle in the following order: +, -, *, /, =

The goal is to put 5 blocks together and build an equation like 2 + 3 = 5
This works in all directions horizontal, vertical, diagonal and in reverse.

When you align blocks into correct mathematical expression, all five blocks get removed and free up the space for the blocks above.
Arrows show direction in which expression is evaluated.

Green line on the left represents your score.
Each destroyed block is one point and 5 blocks are removed at a time.

Full green line equals about 1000 points - anything higher will be shown as the final score at the end of the game. Highest score is stored in memory.

Time line on the right appears when screen becomes full and no more blocks can fall down from the top. Once the progress bar starts you have about 30 seconds to remove some blocks or the game is over.

Play Digitron to enhance math skills, cognitive skills and the spatial visualization ability.

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Graphic Design by Ko Kawazoe

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