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贺立达哈啰问候卡 greetinvite-HELLO GREETINGS

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               贺立达 - 哈啰问候卡是联络老朋友,结交新朋友或跟朋友破冰缝隙的完美方式。它不是传统上只让你填下几行备用句子的贺片。反之每一张特别精心设计的贺立达 - 哈啰问候卡不仅幽默有趣,生动有巧思,而且会让人感动于你的心思细腻。您只需要买一张印刷贺卡的价钱,就能获得18张别出心裁的的 贺立达 -哈啰问候卡,还可以每日送发,用了再用!这是送发具有纪念性信息给朋友的贴心方式,对方接受后肯定满心欢欣,有一个甜滋滋,充满纪念性的一天!
贺立达 – 哈啰问候卡特点:





每天发送一张贺立达 – 哈啰问候卡吧! 肯定你说了三后,还是意犹未尽,还想再说-----------

greetinvite-HELLO GREETINGS cards is perfect-to keep in touch with old friends, drop a line to new ones ...or break the ice with that someone you've got your eyes on. It's not the typical greeting card app that just provides blank templates. Every one of these specially designed greetinvite- HELLO GREETINGS card has a witty idea. Some fun, some quirky, some humorous, all beautifully illustrated. For the price of a printed card you get 18 virtual cards which you can send everyday! Again & again! The ideal way to send a memorable message that your friends will surely love to receive. So go on, make someone's day!

Pick from the choice of 18 cards, type your message and add some stickers for a creative touch. You can even include some photos. Then email, save or upload to your Facebook.

- 18 cards
- 132 stickers
- option to include your photos
- option to type your message in choice of fonts and colors
- option to email, upload to Facebook or save to photos

Send a greetinvite-HELLO GREETINGS card everyday. Because hey, when you've said all there is to say, there is always "one more thing" to say :)