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The blind men and the elephant

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※Story information
《The blind men and the elephant》comes from ancient Chinese Buddhist stories, describing a interesting story between 4 blind men and an elephant.
New story, new characteristics
Family reading: to help kids read better, we added a read together section. Parents can interact with the child during the read together section, helping their child easily understand the story and gain more valuable knowledge.
Acard:Through reading to learn proverbs, not only you can use it , through Acard section, children can learn how to read
※Contact information
★Sina microblog: (follow us on our mini blog, contact us, and get the latest news from us! Please also feel free to leave your feedback and share your story with us!)

※About Abook Studio
Abook Studio has close to 10 years of experience in publishing children’s books. Specializing in creating electronic book software with sounds. Partnering with famous authors and illustrators, providing familiar fairy tales, fables, and proverbs into electronic books with charming music and voice. Giving kids the opportunity to improve linguistic skills while reading.
We will continue to produce more new books, providing you and your children with more and better products. Hoping that our products can become the first book that your child reads.

※Highlighted features of Abook Studio:
1.Containing Chinese style user interface
2.Providing 3 different language selections: Chinese, English, and Japanese
3.Delicate backgrounds, gentle characters, and with a child like fantasy color palate, the illustrations target children’s likes and interests. These colorful illustrations urge children’s desire to read.
4.Targeting buttons just for kids, easy to operate, you can get started with one click! Kids can even read on their own!
5.Abook Studio hires standard Chinese, English and Japanese professional voice actors. This can help improve one’s pronunciation skills and speaking ability!
6.Includes sleep mode. Simply select sleep mode, the software will turn off the screen and continue to gently read the story, helping kids comfortably fall asleep.
7.Recording option: kids and parents can interact with the story through recording their own voice while reading. (simply select the record button to start or stop recording)
8.The last page provides links to our other stories, easy for everyone to find and purchase (or go to app store and search “Abook Studio” and you can see all our products).