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iCalcuHD+ is the most complete calculator app that you can own and also a new and refresh user interface for your comfort and it is available for an amazing price.

With iCalcuHD+ you can do…

-Get the percentage
-Get the square root
-The π value to make calculus
-Also the mini trigonometric part with sine, cosine and tangent. (You can choose between Degrees and Radians)
-Get the full percentage. This function gives you the total quantity with the percentage already included or deducted. (%T)
-Obtain the absolute value. (Abs)
-Raise a number to the second, third, and the power that you want. (x^n)
-Get the inverse of a number. (x^-1)
-Get the logarithm of a number and also the logarithm in base two or ten. (log)
-The trigonometric part:
ºSine, cosine, tangent. *
ºThe inverse of the sine, cosine and tangent. (asin, acos, atan)*
ºThe hyperbolic function of sine, cosine and tangent. (sinh, cosh, tanh)*

*You choose, Degrees or Radians.

-It also includes scientific notation, raising a number by 10 and the power you want.
-Raising the value of the ‘e’ (2.71828183) number. (e^x)
-Divide and obtain quickly the result of 1/x. (1/x)
This is what makes iCalcuHD+ a complete calculator + you can have and make your day-to-day operations in school and in the professional field.