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Veronese HD

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✰Overdamped Art Series™ proudly presents Veronese HD✰
Van Gogh HD, one of our Art Series, was selected as the "Top Paid App of the Year" in ◀◀REWIND 2010

◆From the Creators of Van Gogh HD & Monet HD◆
Meet Paolo Veronese, an Italian painter of the Renaissance in Venice, famous for paintings such as The Wedding at Cana and The Feast in the House of Levi. He was a skillful master of genre subjects, which he used to imbue his religious works with humanity, but as a result of his painting 'The Feast in the House of Levi' (1573), he fell foul of the Inquisition on a charge of trivializing religious subjects. His undoubtedd masterpiece is the colossal 'Marriage at Cana', which has over 120 portraits, including royalty and celebrities of the period. Download Veronese HD, and fall in love with his lifetime works in 11 Categories.

1. Religious themes (1540~1569)
2. Religious themes (1570~1589)
3. Mythological and Allegorical themes (1567~1582)
4. Historical and Old Testament themes (1565~1588)
5. Portraits (1547~1580)
6. Paintings in the Church of San Sebastiano (1555~1565)
7. Paintings in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary (1558~1582)
8. Paintings of Feasts (Banquets) (1556~1585)
9. Frescoes in the Villa Barbaro, Maser (1560~1561)
10. Paintings in Palazzo Ducale (1575~1585)
11. Paintings in the Salon of the Biblioteca Marciana (1556~1560)

Each piece contains:
1. Title
2. Original Year
3. Method/Tools
4. Size of Original Painting
5. Current Location & Ownership

✓ Zoom in/out, Slideshow
✓ Save, Bookmark, Email
✓ Wikipedia Articles (when applicable)
✓ Background Music
✓ No Internet required

♧Take Advantage of our Universal Binary. Have it installed on iPad and iPhone in HD
♧Creators of Van Gogh HD and Da Vinci HD
♧Quality & Quantity Guaranteed

Music Credit:
Marc ANDRÉ - Sur la route de la vie

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