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iGrandMaster Free

iPhone / iPad
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iGrandMaster is a computer chess program, based on the award winning PocketGrandmaster. PocketGrandmaster has been developed for over 9 years especially for mobile devices. This the free version of iGrandMaster.

iGrandMaster Free contains all features of iGrandMaster. Only the strength of the computer engine will be drastically reduced after the 20th move. You can deactivate this limitation via In App Purchase.

iGrandMaster is an application developed specially for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and uses many of its features:

• Rotating the device by 90º displays player and time or move history. In the move history old positions can be displayed and new moves can be started from there.
• Rotating the device by 180º rotates the board (so black is now playing at the bottom and white at the top) and the colors of the players are swapped.
• By shaking the device you can undo the last half-move, even though the move history may not be visible.
• Names of players can be chosen from your contacts or can be entered in manually.
• Send positions or whole games as emails in standardized notations (FEN or PGN) to friends or colleagues. Positions can be integrated in a special link format in HTML pages or emails. If they are clicked in MobileMail or MobileSafari, iGrandMaster will start at that position.
• Graphics and themes were designed specially for iGrandMaster.
• Moves and position changes will be animated.
• By highlighting the current row and column you can see where the figure will be moved to. Also the figure is magnified while you drag it. Thus you can see which figure is moving where, even if you have large fingers.

If you are not a chess expert, iGrandMaster has lots of features to improve your chess skills:

• You can assign different time levels for white and black. This improves your chances against the engine, or a superior opponent.
• The last move is highlighted with an arrow.
• For each move you see which target fields are available and on which fields you can be captured.
• As a hint you can see, which move the engine would make in your place. Or you can let the device perform the move itself.
• Watch the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch working by displaying the move that is the device‘s current favorite.
• You can undo mistakes in the move history and try out another move.
• Send your game via email to a friend or colleague to discuss open issues.
• Reduce the strength of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For the advanced chess player iGrandMaster has lots of interesting features:

• Use the experience of over 10 years of continuous improvement of the utilized engine.
• Save games directly on the device. Send them as emails or download whole games from the internet. For that all you need is the URL of a PGN file. Browse and analyze existing games with the move history.
• With multiple Blitz settings you can improve your skills.
• Deactivate distracting features.
• Choose that failing the time limits will end the game.
• Enter the moves in multiple ways: either by taping on the from and to field or by dragging the figures.
• Force the engine to move now, even if it is still searching for a better move.
• Configure the scrolling speed of the move history. A slower speed enables you to follow the game move by move. A higher speed allows you to reach beginning and end faster.
• Rotate the board or swap the players independent of the orientation of the device.

To play chess with iGrandMaster is fun. With different themes you can adapt the program to different lighting conditions or moods.

Play with iGrandMaster the Game of Kings in every possible constellation:

• against a real player, even if the opponent has a different skill as you do,
• against the iPhone or iPod Touch (you can play white or black),
• or passive by letting the device play against itself.