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This Week's Words - School Edition

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  • Education
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By popular demand from teachers and schools who use This Week’s Words in the classroom here is the School Edition.

Feedback from teachers who have been using the app in class was that it would be great to have a version where the teacher can set the word lists and track the progress of different users of the app. The same goes for tutors of different children, or even parents with more than one child.

Recommendations for This Week’s Words:
"This is the best spelling app I know of" Kathy Burdick @Mobile2011 Phoenix

PadGadget Recommended: *BUY* "This Week’s Words is a great tool to help kids practice and learn their elementary school spelling words"

How is the ‘School Edition’ different?

We have built a teacher dashboard into the app where you can manage multiple students and word lists. You can also track the progress of each student against their current word list: how they are performing on the different learning games and the result of their last spelling test in the app. This section is password secure so you can see the result, can set the word lists for testing, but your students just see a fun way to learn their words.

After the teacher has activated the current class, when a student opens the app they can choose their name from a list of students and start the fun of learning – with the 3 different learning games and practice tests.

Each time you move a student on to a new word list, the old word list will be added to their ‘review words’ menu – where your students can see all the words they have learned and continue to practice them.

For students, This Week’s Words works. Here’s how:

1. IT'S FUN. Makes learning their words more fun, with a set of games to help progressively learn each spelling

2. IT'S REAL. You are tested on YOUR words with a sophisticated text-to-speech engine that runs a test just like a teacher would; and

3. IT GROWS. Users can save all word lists to review in the future - they can track just how many words they have learned!

...therefore IT WORKS to help your kids learn their school spelling words each week.

How is this better than other spelling apps?

There are 4 reasons that 'This Week's Words' is better, and will help you learn:

1. You enter, learn and are tested on YOUR words - they can be any words. Other apps have pre-set word lists or are restricted by available words.

2. You are aurally tested - just like at school. This app has a very sophisticated text-to-speech engine that pronounces each word very clearly for the games and tests. You can choose to have either a UK-english or US-english accent.

3. You can save your words for future review and keep track of how many words you have learned - and the app supports multiple users so you always access YOUR words;

4. The approach to learning through simple word games makes it fun and rewarding - making it much more likely to be a regular learning tool for your kids.

Enjoy! and please send me your feedback and input for future releases: