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This app lets you play a kamigata-shamisen any where any time on your iPad.
The kamigata-shamisen is the most traditional shamisen that appeared about 450 years ago in Japan. Kamigata is a Kyoto and Osaka town.

Real kamigata-shamisen sound.
There are three strings.
14notes can be mode respectively.


To make a sound, a tap of the finger does the "bachi" position using the Right hand.

The "sao" position is made to change the interval and a tap is made by the left hand.
The forefinger, the middle finger, and the ring finger are used usually.

The sound of ten in 12 music scales are used in the shamisen.
The position of ten is one octave.

Because the sound between 3 and 4 is not usually used, it is displayed as #.
Please note that it is a merely a symbol.

Because the sound between 9 and 10 is not usually used, it omits it.

There is a video of a shamisen being played with this App on youtube.
The score of the music is on this site..
Make sure the mute button is not on and volume is not set to minimum.

In order to play, you must tap the body of the shamisen and tap or hold the note you want simultaneously. This is to simulate strumming the instrument. Pressing only on the strings will not produce a sound.

We recommend locking your screen in the horizontal orientation for easier playing.

If doesn't work

Before purchasing the full version of Kamigata Shamisen, please download the free lite version first and test it. If that works on your device, you should have no trouble using the full version.