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As the name of the app says, it is a digital signage application which turns your iPad into a digital signage content creator and player.

The app can be run in two modes - Playlist Editing mode and Play mode.

The Playlist Editing mode enables playlist operations. With the built-in playlist editor, user can create playlist with content (images and videos) from both iPad's photo album, Dropbox and links to contents stored at web servers. It also includes a crawl (ticker) text setup that displays static text or "title" from RSS feed or Tweet from Twitter, crawling over the lower part of the screen.

The Play mode displays the content of the selected playlist with the chosen layout, item order and display duration.

- Self-contained. It includes the playlist editor and the player.
- Easy to use.
- You can use images and videos* from photo album.
- You can also use external images and videos* from web server as content item.
- Import of media file (image/video*) directly from Dropbox to playlist.
- You can use video from YouTube. **
- Display duration can be set for each image item.
- Video start time and duration can be set for local video, hence video does not need to start at its very beginning.
- You can create and store more than one playlist.
- No PC is required.
- No hidden fees. You don't need to subscribe anything. Just buy and use it.
- Support external screen output***
- Remote playlist selection by using web browser.
- Support using tweets from Twitter in crawl text.
- Remote playlist import from Dropbox using web browser.
- Support Simplified Chinese.
- Schedule Update from Dropbox.

* Video file need to be playable by iPad's native media player.
** Playlist with YouTube video is not supported in external screen mode
iPad: requires Apple AV Adapter
iPad2/new iPad: requires Apple AV Adapter or Apple TV