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MapConnect allows you to collaborate on a map with other users in a chat room. You can create a room, or join an existing one. Chat with your friends or colleagues and draw right on top of any map, in real time. Perfect for collaborating on driving directions, and also a great tool for land developers, event planners, and architects. The application leverages the real time capabilities of Pubnub push notification to provide map synchronization between users in the room, and allows you to “whiteboard” on top of a map.

1. Enter your name in the Name field.
2. Enter a room name in the Room field. To create a new room, simply name the room whatever you want. If your friends are joining a room together, make sure you all enter the same room name.
3. Once inside the room, you can chat with everyone in the room. You can move the map around by tapping to zoom or sliding the map, and your map will be synced with everyone in the room. You can also enter a location in the "Enter Address" field.
4. Select Whiteboard on the top right corner to draw on the map. Then you can slide your finger on the map area to draw. The drawing will be synced with everyone in the room.
5. Select the erase button on the whiteboard to remove all drawings.

Note: For best results, double tap to zoom the map and do not pinch to zoom.