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Class Builder™

iPhone / iPad
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Class Builder®, while a native iPhone app, runs great on the iPad or iPad mini as well. It creates a way for Instructors of Indoor Cycling or Spinning® classes to use their iPod or iPhone for much more than just music. Everything from simple target intensity levels in RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to advanced training with Heart Rate, Cadence and Power can be built into every class with Class Builder. Cue reminders that used to be written on scraps of paper or 3 X 5 cards are now shown on the iPod or iPad screen; allowing you to build your inspiration and motivation with the precise timing of each progression and music crescendo. The current cue is displayed to the instructor in bold, while the upcoming cue which has the seconds counting down to it's equally "perfect moment of delivery".

With its on-screen projector capability, Class Builder® delights the students almost as much as the instructors. Class Builder automatically generates a graphic ride profile; a graphical rendition of the ride that shows the changes in workout intensity, with a vertical “we are here” indicator that moves along perfectly synchronized to the music; showing where we are in the class at all times. The instructor can share this mountain-like profile on the front wall if they have an iPad or a fourth generation iPhone/iPod Touch or later, as well as an appropriate connector.

Class Builder® is also loaded with tons of extras like an on-demand interval timer, instant album and artist info at the tap of a finger, automatic Pre-Class music & slide show, and a help system that is rich with good cycling education. Our most current release also has VIDEO segments from Global Ride's virtual cycling library, of anything from 3 to 23 minutes to spice up your class. Photos are also able to be shown on top of the graphic if you so choose.

Class Builder is an entire system for creating amazing classes for your students. Build an entire library of awesome classes, with the ability to tweak each one every time the class is taught. Now all of your classes are saved and ready to run at the touch of a finger, and now with iCloud support, each class is optionally synchronized with every iDevice you choose - give you not only instant backups, but the ultimate in flexibility and emergency coverage if a device is drained, forgotten or broken. Spinning® and Indoor Cycling may never be the same.