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Noblesse 望

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望, 有名望、希望、远看等多种含义。其本义为站在大地上向远处看。名望和希望均是从远看这一本义中引申出来的。

望, 也代表了本刊—《Noblesse•至品生活》杂志的办刊精神: 高瞻远瞩,引领时尚尊贵的潮流; 将最好的奉献给杂志的读者群—中国最优秀的精英人士,并倡导追求美好至善的人生态度。

《Noblesse•至品生活》杂志创办于2004年9月, 是一本致力于瞄准中国精英阶层的读者、提供优质生活资讯、引导高尚生活追求、培养优雅生活品位的极品生活杂志。它以考究不俗的品位、精美的图片和精湛的内容给中国的精英阶层带来关于时装、美容、家居、美食、艺术、旅行和休闲领域的报道。


The Chinese word “Wang” means “nobility” and “hope”, two characteristics that perfectly describe Noblesse readers – elite individuals with both the resources and vision to be trendsetters in lifestyle.

Founded in 2004, Noblesse is China’s leading lifestyle magazine sold and marketed exclusively to proven members of China’s affluent society. This innovative distribution model allows Noblesse to secure its position as one of Asia’s most prestigious and influential lifestyle magazines. With every issue it both defines and directs China’s luxury market - from fashion and beauty to décor and fine dining, arts and business, travel and leisure. It leads, shapes, cultivates and informs China's taste for affluent and sophisticated lifestyle choices.

Noblesse is also proud to be the only Chinese luxury lifestyle magazine to obtain an official certificate of circulation from Hong Kong Audit Bureau of Circulation (HKABC), with monthly print run over 127,000 copies.