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iDicomQuery provides query functionality using the DICOM C-Find operation, it can let you specify search criteria (include: Patient ID, Patient Name, Date of Birth, Accession Number, Study Date From, Study Date To), send the query keys to the remote DICOM servers (normally PACS) which support Query as a Service Class Provider (SCP), retrieve the results, and shown on your iPhone/iPad according to the Level of the query, aka STUDY, SERIES, and IMAGE. The main features are:
1. supports DICOM Specific Character Set: ISO_IR 100 and ISO_IR 192 (UTF-8).
2. supports Search functionality to made it much easier to find the queried results.
3. supports Email functionality to let you send the queried results via Email.

iDicomQuery Lite is a free version of the iDicomQuery that enables the DICOM C-Find operation for quering remote DICOM server. You can find in [App Store].

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