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"IKEIDO Game" is a new type of location base service game.
You can find just the right spot from photo and hints.

We are released a few public games and user can create a new game.
The user also share the game with friends on facebook and competes with the friend on Apple Game Center.

"Public List" is the public game which IKEIDO provided. All of user can play this game.
It will listed the game order by your location.

"My Games" is your game which you created."Friend's Games" is your friend's game.

For each games have a title, description, number of questions and number of limitation are displayed.
Also, you can see the facebook icon. It is possible to share the game.

When you would like to play the game, you can just click the game on list.
After you logged-in the Apple Game Center, you can get your game and friend's game.

Upper half of display, the map shows where are you in now to indicate blue point.
The question of the game is listed in "Question". Q1 is the first question.
But, you do not do the game of the question in this order. You may start any number of question.
It is different by the game how many questions have.
Moreover, it is also different by the game how many times I may make a mistake.

The hint is displayed in each question. It is also displayed the accuracy rate of a current player,
the distance from the present place etc.

When you clicked the question, it becomes a screen to answer the question.

Have a fun !

What is IKEIDO?

IKEIDO has 2 parts meaning. One is IDO(It meaning “Latitude” in Japanese)
and the other is KEIDO (It also meaning “Longitude” in Japanese). It pronounce“i-ke-i-do'u”.
We would like to combine any kind of location information such as maps, navigation and any kind of individual
information such as personal context, presence, behavior, advertisements which really want to.
It is a mission come from an origin of the name.