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Basket 3D Sketcher for coach

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With Basket3D Sketcher software, you can draw on your Mac strategies and drills with players, referee, coach, cones, arrows in 2D, and watch the result instantly in 3D as real animations ! - Build 3D animations, not just a simple succession of images. Define the speed of each player, define the trajectory of the ball. You can even draw a lobed pass or a bounce pass in 3D ! Perfect to explain to your players what to do ! You can have the point of view of each player, the point of view of the coach or the referee. Unlimited point of views ! - A better result in 3D compare to a classic paperboard, and for a lower price ! - Share your work ! Forget USB keys, photocopies ! Send the 3D animation to your players who will see the tactics in 3D on their PCs, Macs (Basket 3D Viewer on the MacStore), iPad (Basket 3D Pad) or iPhone (Basket 3D Playbook) on the AppStore. Then, your players can watch at home or during travels your basketball strategies. Win time and efficiency! A playbook in 3D, a real advantage to explain and learn tactics. See details, demo and video tutorials on ------------------------------ WARNING : if you want to watch the result in full 3D (and not in 2D or semi-3D that are natively included in this app), get our "Basket 3D Viewer" at after installing this application. We cannot include two different softwares in one application, due to Apple restrictions. Sorry about that. ------------------------------------ Support and tutorials on and discuss with our team directly with our chat system ! ------------------------------------