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Hey Taxi International

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Hello, welcome to (Hey Taxi) installed and used (Hey Taxi) to request a shuttle taxi service and learn about places of interest to visit, about the history of the world, on events where you would like to go to participate and the best deals to buy products and services that have been added by users, customers, and companies such as you. You can also add your activities through this fabulous tool called "Hey Taxi", registered and start now.

(Hey Taxi) is a fabulous tool multi purpose, which is available in all the cities of the world *.


* You can offer your products and services to all users who use the application (Hey Taxi) and application (Hey Taxi professional) for visiting the place where you sell products and offer services, locating the place on the map and so users know where to buy what you're selling.

* You can promote your events on the map so that the people may know of them and them users of them applications (Hey Taxi) can go to the site using your vehicle own, a system of transport public, in a taxi or walking.

* You can learn about many things that unknown of your own city and of the cities that visit or want to know.

* You can share information with your friends, family and all the people you want from the world, to go together and participate in shopping, travel and events. As well as they can all the users who use applications (Hey Taxi), which helps your sales.

* You can request taxi service to get you to where you are, no matter if you know the physical address where you are located at the time in which you request the service.

Remember register you as user to use all the services of this wonderful tool *.

Remember that if want to make promotion of events and offer products and services, you must complete all the form of registration.

Answer the following questions:

* It is safe to approach a Taxi where you are?
* You know where is the Taxi you need?
* You get failed to arrive on time for an event not knowing the shortcuts?
* You know that make in the city where you are to make the most of it?
* You are visiting or are on vacation in the city?
* You are new or new in this city or country?

If you answered these questions, you will know that this is the application you need. Install and use this wonderful tool.

* This tool is active in any city of the world where have access to the internet and access to our platform (Hey Taxi).

You recommend that use the application to the maximum, before, during and after travel in the taxi, using connection Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE or without connection to see the information of the activities located on the map, a time them have loaded in your application.

Once you are done with the activities you want to do with the application, you can close it, to maximize your battery's charge.

Remember that: "the continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life".

* The information requested in the registration form also allows you to set communication with us to inform us about the way in which you use (Hey Taxi) for us to inform you about progress on the platform (Hey Taxi) and explain how to use this wonderful tool.