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*** The iPhone trip computer for motorbikers! ***
A lot of additional information and special functions for motorbikers:
* Current lean angle (computed from GPS data)
* Variometer (like in an airplane cockpit)
* Lateral acceleration (for use in a car)
* Bends counter
* Altimeter
* Slope gradient in percent (with iPhone 6)
* Speed, distance / time travelled, total ascent, slope gradient, max. speed, max. leaning, max. altitude etc.

Recording of track and waypoints and display on map.

Trips can be recorded automatically and tracked on a map later. At any point of the trip the local leaning angle and speed can be displayed. Trip sections can be marked to show length and average speed.

All data are computed from GPS output (for determination of lean angle sufficiently accurate when speed is > 15 mph)
All recording of BikeTrip is possible in background mode. Another app (e.g. navigation) can thus be run in parallel.

The current lean angle is shown with a slight delay. The maximum lean angle of the last two bends is displayed.

Turns with a relevant leaning and duration are counted (adjustable sensitivity).

Your current position can be shown and the coordinates sent by SMS.

Single waypoints can be saved during travel without touch using the proximity sensor (simply cover the device with your hand).

Any position of the recorded trip can also be stored as a waypoint later.

The data of turns gone through is recorded (max. lean angle, speed etc.) and can be shown on a map.

The recorded track and the stored waypoints can be exported as an interactive map in HTML format, which can be viewed by any internet browser (Export by email or to Dropbox)

*** New in version 4.1.: Waypoint Archive***
Any positions (e.g. on pass roads, meetingpoints, viewpoints, beautiful road sections) can be stored.
Coordinates can be copied / pasted for use in other apps.
Selected points can be sent by email to another user and easily imported to BikeTrip by the receiver.

BikeTrip is an app developed by a motorbiker for motorbikers. There are no data asked for or read from your iPhone by the software and there is no compulsory membership in any community.

An Apple iPhone with a sufficiently accurate GPS receiver is required.
iPhone 5, 6 with iOS 9.0 or higher are well suitable for this.

WARNING: The GPS chip consumes a lot of power when constantly in use, which may lead to an undesirably rapid discharge of battery.
An external power supply is therefore recommended.