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Ultimate Flashlight

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Ultimate Flashlight is indeed the Ultimate Flashlight in the iPhone App Store. Ultimate Flashlight has many modes of operation, from functionality as a normal flashlight to strobe lights and even emergency lights. The app uses the iPhone 4's built-in light to illuminate your surroundings as brightly as many flashlights you can get at the market. The light activation is the fastest possible for quick user interaction. The interface is a modern sic-fi interface that is easy to use and very functional.

Multiple built-in functions:

- Normal flashlight mode
- Pedestrian / Biking mode for road safety
- Morse Code mode with manual interaction as well as text conversion
- Emergency mode that will flash the light in an SOS pattern
- Press to toggle light
- Strobe light up to 10 times per second


- Find your keys in the dark
- Read a book at night
- Use it for camping and hiking in the dark
- Roadside visibility in daytime and nighttime
- Put it in your back pocket in Bike / Pedestrian mode when walking
- Mount it to the back of your bike when biking for safety
- Light your way when the power is out
- Check on your family at night
- Morse code your friends from a distance with the built-in light
- Strobe light for parties or safety
- SOS mode for use if your phone does not have a signal

Please note that continued use of this app will drain the battery more quickly. Please use responsibly.