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The Memory Game App is designed as a tool to help improve all clientsí memory. It is particularly useful in the following areas:
- Early childhood development
- Special needs clients
- Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
- Autism
- Alzheimer
- Language Development
- ESL clients

This app will display a screen with pairs of pictures at random places in a grid on the screen. After a selected number of seconds, the pictures will disappear leaving a blank screen. The objective is to remember where the pairs of pictures are and to touch the screen at those points. The first picture is easy, just touch any spot and a picture will appear. The next step should be to try to touch the spot of the matching picture. If the client is correct, the second picture will appear, a reinforcing sound will be issued, and the percent correct calculation will be updated. If the client is incorrect, both pictures will disappear, the percent correct will be updated, and a buzz will be sounded. If the client is totally lost and needs help, the client can touch the "Peek" button and the whole screen will be displayed again for a selected number of seconds. The number of peeks is updated and displayed to assist in evaluating the progress of the client.

There are several ways to control the degree of difficulty as follows:
- Set the number of seconds of viewing (i.e. peek time 1, 3, or 5 seconds)
- Choose the number of total number of pictures on the screen (4, 6, 8, or 10)

The pictures on the screen are grouped by category. There are 18 categories (screens) with each category containing up to 5 pairs of pictures. Touch the "Next Category" button to advance to the next category.

This app will be of particular interest to:
- Parents
- Caregivers
- Teachers
- Therapists
- Individuals wishing to challenge their brains

In addition to memory development, the client may also focus on language development using the words and pictures arranged by categories.