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Awesome Weight Log

iPhone / iPad
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
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Awesome Weight Log can easily help you lose or increase weight as desired. Just input your weight in a few seconds each day and let Awesome Weight Log track your weight and does the calculation. You can also add a quick note (for food, exercise, etc) associated with your weight tracker as a diary of your thoughts. By setting your target weight, after several days you can easily track your progress on the graph as you inch towards your goal each day and keep you stay motivated.

Awesome Weight Log is an upgraded version of our previous app "Weight Log" which had been in lifestyle top 100 in many countries. Please hear what our customer were saying about “Weight Log”.

----------------by Sharon Black Excellent app ---------------
Exactly what I was looking for. An app where I can just log my weight on a weekly basis. Simple and easy to use.

-----------------by Interrobanging Great App ---------------
"I have been tracking my weight day-to-day since January 1st and I have been gagging for a simple way to create a graph of my results. This app is perfect for that. I have now input all my data and can at last see my progress on a graph."

-------------------by iApp4 User Satisfaction: Excellent ---------
"Weight Log is a valuable and essential app for me to track, monitor, and evaluate my success at managing a healthy body mass index (BMI). I use the app for maintaining and assessing data regarding each warm-up and work-out. Weight Log displays graphs on separate screens about compared results. Overall Impressions: Exemplary"

-------------------by vigvanvader Great -----------
Simple straight forward does exactly what it says. No ad's or silly crap

--------by PeppaCat Simple and easy to use app to keep track of weight -------
"Simple useful app for just logging your weight on a regular basis and working out your BMI. Have been using it while on a weight loss programme and its been great to quickly log my progress then check the corresponding graph to see the line going down!"
At 59p, good value

The good news doesn’t end here. What really makes Awesome Weight Log unique is it will upgrade frequently all based on your feedback. We are trying hard to make it work best for you!

Awesome Weight Log is produced by iMobiApp. iMobiApp believes Happy Life is simple , don't make it complicated.

Main Feature:
- Easy to input, as well as edit and delete weight record
- Quick input mode, you can finish your daily input within 2 seconds
- A note (for food, exercise, diary, etc) can be added for each weight record
- Weight history report with weight records and BMI sorted by date, support over thousands of records
- Support height input, can be used as height tracker as well, perfect to track young kids for avoiding obesity
- Set your target weight and know when to reach it
- Support units: pounds/kilogram, feet & inches/meters, UK stone and pounds!
- Set a passcode to protect your data and privacy
- Email and share(backup) your weight records to yourself or experts
- Import/Export(Backup/Restore) your weight records through wifi! You can get and edit your old record file in any desktop computer and import them into Weight Log Plus.
- Support CSV format, easy for editing in any spreadsheet application such as Excel
- Statistics: Estimated time to reach your goal, average daily weight loss, BMI
- Support Graph View for Weight, Weight Trend, BMI and Height by any date range!
- Support Chart both for landscape and portrait mode
- Support Retina display