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Memories HD

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Memories HD for iPad is an exciting new game that returns you to your memories. Memories HD is a memory matching game that uses your photos to create stunning game cards to play with. Relive your memories with Memories HD. Memories HD has a refreshing approach to traditional memory matching games allowing you to fully customize the memories you play with.

With Memories HD, gamers can create different decks of cards featuring photos of friends and family members on the face of each card. Gameplay is for one to four players, and families can enjoy reminiscing as they play. The game creates a six by six matrix of face down cards, and players must correctly find and match the 18 pairs hidden in the array. Based on the traditional card matching game, variously known as Concentration, Memory, Pelmanism, or Pairs, this personalized version of the game in Memories HD is especially enjoyable to play.

Gameplay is simple. The first player touches one of the 36 face down cards, revealing its face. Then the player attempts to touch the face down card that is the unique match. The second card touched, it flips to reveal its face. If it is a match the player scores and gets another turn, and the two cards are removed from the board, and if it is not a match, both cards are again turned face down. If there is more than one player, play proceeds by turns. If it is a solitaire game, the single player continues. The game challenges players to remember the identity and location of each card revealed so they can create matches during their turn. Decks of 18 different card pairs can be created from photos stored on the user’s mobile device or from Facebook photos.

Feature Highlights:
- Play with up to four players
- You chose the card images
- Crystal clear card rendering
- Photo album integration
- Facebook integration
- Multiple deck management