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Gpx2go! is a GPS track recorder and GPX file editor:

It allows you to automatically maintain a logfile of the positions that you visit over time. Additionally, you can manually set markers for special places.

The application is designed to store and organize data in a GPX v1.0 compliant way.
The recorded waypoints, trackpoints, tracksegments and tracks can be copied and moved within the application's database. They can also be displayed on a map and edited in appropriate ways. GPX files can be imported from other apps and downloaded from the internet. They can be exported to Mac/PC via iTunes, to other apps such as Dropbox, or sent as email attachments.

How does Gpx2go! differ from other track recorder applications which also feature GPX export?

• Simultaneous multiple recordings with different settings: Track the major movements of your whole life in low power mode while logging your entire holidays with medium accuracy and distance filter while recording a special day trip with the best precision and highest spatial resolution that your device can offer – all at the same time!
• Two different waypoint acquisition modes: Record your position either as fast as possible or as accurately as possible.
• Automatically fill in place names and addresses using Apple's reverse geocoding service.
• Smart accuracy settings dialog that prevents you from using recording parameter combinations that do not work together (e.g. required high accuracy and low battery consumption) and that otherwise would result in empty track recordings.
• GPX output was very carefully validated against the corresponding XML-scheme – some other applications produce incorrect GPX.
• Uses more GPX fields than many competing applications: Apart from the position and time stamps, it also records speed, course, elevation, horizontal and vertical accuracy. Tracks can be named, waypoints and trackpoints can be given both a short name and a longer description.
• Properly distinguishes between tracks and tracksegments, unlike many others.
• Complete control over your GPX data files: no enforced uploading to dubious web services, no memberships required. You access your files via iTunes or send them by email.
• Full support of both portrait and landscape mode throughout the entire application.
• Support of both metric and imperial units.

Your feedback and feature suggestions are always welcome. Please use the support link!

Please note:
• Starting with v1.3.0, the app is a free, but feature-limited demo version (recordings are limited to 2 minutes, only 3 files can be stored and only 5 waypoints per file). An in-app purchase is required to unlock the full functionality. IMPORTANT: Upgraders from v1.2.0 will get the full functionality without extra charge. They should keep a backup of the v1.2.0 app binary and use it for restores or migrations to other devices (and then update to v1.3.0 again).

• GPS position recording does not stop automatically when Gpx2go! is sent to the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.