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8x iSleep Pro

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--> Feature
1, The most professional app for sleep.
2, Record you sleep's state.
3, Could make a statistics of all your sleep's state.

--> What is "deep sleep"?
Sleepers pass through 4 stages during sleep: Stage 1 is light sleep where you drift in and out of sleep and can be awakened easily. In stage 2, eye movement stops and brain waves become slower. Stage 3 and 4 are referred to as deep sleep. In deeper stages of sleep delta brain wave becomes active and dominant in our brain. Deep Sleep ensures a refreshing slumber your body and mind need during the night and you'll wake up energetic and rejuvenated the next morning.
--> Impact of lack of sleep for human
Immune system has dropped 50% when taking fewer 3 hours sleep than before!
Have you remembered feeling sleepy after you've got a cold?
You will get better feeling after a long sleep that is the body's self-protective reaction.
It inhibits other function and strength the immune function by sleep.
Because most of the body's immune adjustment completes during the night, it will allow you to resist infection.
When you are lack of sleep, the white blood cells - the body's immune cells do not have enough time and energy to play efficiency.
If you often have sleep for less than 5 hours per night, the body's resistance to bacteria will be down by 50%!
It means that you have the double chance of being infected with the bacteria environment around.
The worse is that you need to heal in a longer time.

--> Principle of Deep Sleeper
Playing with wave audio of the α-wave and δ-wave
It first makes users physical and mental relaxation by α-wave and
Then gradually adjust the user's brain wave to synchronization of δ-wave (i.e., state of deep sleeping) to get the deep sleep.

--> The effect of Deep Sleeper
- Relax quickly and promote sleep
- Enjoy 8 times of the deep sleep (based on 8 hours sleep)

--> Who should use Deep Sleeper
- Difficult to falling asleep or easy to wake up
- Poor sleep quality
- Like to making dream
- Long-term mental fatigue,easily agitated
- Long-term sleep disorder

--> Note
Deep Sleeper is only to assist your sleep
With regular physical exercise will be better