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Let's play with the trains! for iPad

  • Entertainment
  • Education
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With regard to the latest iOS 10 of future delivery, making it in confirmation of the operating conditions.
Therefore, in the case that have been made the OS update, there is a possibility that the application will not start normally.

Operation check in iOS 10, update to iOS 10 until the corresponding complete we ask that you please refrain.

Education application for kids/ toddlers that simply by touching the screen, railways will be made and trains will apprear
With unique movement and music and sound effect, kids can enjoy playing with random touch and senses will be developed

Target Age
infants from 0 year old who can move their fingers can enjoy this game

Big mode (trains become big) and small mode (trains become small) are selectable
With big mode, trains become bigger while vehicle number decreases, suitable for young kids
With small mode, trains become smaller while vehicle number increases, suitable for a bit older kids
Railways can be made by tapping and dragging. Infants who cannot drag can still make railways
There are more than 10 kinds of running trains. There they are, look like there are trains with shapes that you are familiar with
Trains (in the app) will be presented to friends who play for long time

How to Play
Please select big mode or small mode
Arrow on the upper left conner of the screen brings you back to Title screen
Trains are running on railways created by tapping or dragging
It's possible to clear all the created railways and change background with Pause button on lower left conner
Background can also be changed by shaking
After running 5 times, trains will automatically disapprear

Adding the trains
Since application is installed, one new kind of train will be added every week (up to 6 kinds)
Please tap the train Silhouette on the Train Adding screen
There will be pop up to announce when trains are added
Even when you miss the pop up, you will be informed when you play

iPhone version
There is also iPhone version of the same content with larger screen
It's free just like iPad version

There's a paid version to hide the advertisement
("Advertisement hidden" can be bought by tapping $ mark on Title screen
Rather than Advertisement displayed/Advertisement hidden, it is exactly the same. Please only purchase when you feel needed
We provide information about Atech Application on Twitter Account @ Atech_apps

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