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PlanMeNow to Plan and Assign Delivery Orders to Drivers

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Dispatch and delivery planning app which allows businesses to use maps and advanced techniques to assign jobs to available drivers. Dispatchers have full driver and delivery visibility using the real-time dispatch board. App will automatically alert dispatchers of new delivery information, delays or exceptions.

Who uses this app?
Anyone involved in dispatch and driver management.

•Supports on demand dispatching for fleet or multi-site schedules
•Automates driver and delivery tracking providing valuable visibility to management team
•Optimized dispatching increases resource utilization and helps maintain a cost-effective service
•Simplify your business with knowledge of all activity from one central easy to use mobile interface
•Easier operations with an automated system reduces the need for paper and phone calls.
•Integrates with the backend SD1 system for easy access to all your delivery information

-Real-time interactive map helps you visualize the optimal job match for every order
-Dispatching is as easy as one tap with your finger, on our real-time dispatch board
-You can dispatch orders based on geographical locations, drivers and truck capacities
-Live dispatch board, alerts dispatchers of new orders, late deliveries and other exceptions
-Powerful sort and view capabilities enable planners to fine tune common activities
-Drivers receive order manifests directly to their phone as the jobs are dispatched
-Route or job changes can be communicated instantly from handyPLAN to the driver

Once you install this app you will have access to a demo version to help you determine how this app could best fit your business. Note: You will also need to use ShipMeNow, DeliverMeNow apps to enter orders and make deliveries.

More Apps for Delivery Management:
handyPLAN exists as part of an inter-dependent delivery management suite of apps.
Other apps from this suite are also available on the app store:
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