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Rainbow book series “Form”

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“Form” is a fun app for kids of all ages. With this app, children will learn “forms” and “numbers” through moving illustrations and musical scales. The app is designed to expand imagination within a child’s mind, by learning and listening.
With every page, cutout illustrations will appear. Starting with the number one, each page will show numbers within forms, within nature.

Series explanation
From the second they are born, babies develop their sight, starting with their judgment on light and darkness. After three or four months of their lives, these babies begin to develop the ability to look steadily at faces and bright colors, and to chase moving things with their eyes.
Rainbow books, as the name suggests, are filled with the seven colors of the rainbow, expressed by the gentle touch of watercolors and clear contrast made by cutout images. These app series, with vibrant illustrations, along with sound effects and music, will appeal to babies just encountering their first picture books.

Author’s Note
While raising my own child, my belief was to nurture my child’s senses rather than intelligence. Following this belief, my goal was to create something that will stimulate young minds. Natural forms and colors, instead of man-made objects, are found more delightful for people. My wish is that you will feel warmth and love from my works.

Tap the illustrations to see the numbers inside the forms turn into musical scales. One is “Do”, three is “Do. Re. Mi”, while five is “Do. Re. Mi. Fa. So”. As the numbers grow larger, you can hear more elaborate chords. With the seven notes, “Do. Re. Mi. Fa. So. La. Ti”, you will have a full scale and rainbow.
With your iPad, search with your child where the “forms” and “numbers” are hidden in nature.

Target Age