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Koh Talu Island

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Koh Talu Island Resort, Thailand

On Petkasem road from Bangkok to Bangsaphan, Prachuapkhirikhan where Koh Talu located which only 20 minuets from the coast, taking by speed boats of "Banmapraw-Koh Talu", the shallow diving spot which are very perfect one's of the Gulf of Thailand. The most beautiful of a rich marine life here, is an attraction to bring a lot of visitors coming and visiting the pure and beautiful nature, you will be absorbed and fresh with natural air around, also be freshened with the dark green rainforest and peaceful with the shade of coconut palm trees garden along the beach for 2 kilometers. On the big land almost 1,500 rai, it is waiting for you to visit and spend a great time of relaxing on your holidays. A wonderful relaxing with the privacy is bringing you to fall in the beautiful happiness perfectly.

Here, we are really happy to give you a great welcome, making a lot of fun and reaching you to have a good time, feel warm and friendly. Just choose us; then we are really ready to take you into a lot of fun and happy which will be in your memories all the time.

Not so far, traveling to Koh Talu is not difficult, it is separated to be the first part: Going to the harbor, you can travel from Bangkok to Bangsaphan, Prachuapkhirikhan by yourself or use our nice service with a van; pick up - drop from Hua Hin Harbor, the second part is travel by boat from the coast - Koh Talu Resort by available, comfortable and really safe boat.

A short history of "Koh Talu" It is a small and private island in the Gulf of Thailand, there is an area about 1,500 rai, its structure is like an enormous whale, its beach is face to the coast, the back side is a high cliff, a mountain trend lying down from North to South, there are 3 bays with the white and clean beaches, that's Big Bay, Pearl Bay and Thien Bay, most of them used to be agricultural garden for coconut palm trees and the area around "Koh Talu" is very rich of sea resources, especially after January, the winter wind will blow a lot of sea resources from the Yuan Cape-The Gulf of Tonkin to pile up at coast of the Gulf of Thailand at Koh Talu, Bangsaphan so it is an important place for fishing. In the past, there were thousands fisher boats did fishing without any consciences and taking care; they also used the bomb for doing that and destroyed its ecology system finally. In 1982, Fisheries Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives had started the Sea Reviving Project, began the Management of Fisheries Resources Project by Bangsaphan community, It is the first place of Thailand for doing project like this, they also provided the course to build and rebuild the conscience for fishing with the convention and responsibility for the fishermen in the area and near by. They laid down the thousands artificial corals into the bottom of the sea to be the bleed fish's home for laying down their eggs, increasing them into the Gulf of Thailand. And most of artificial corals become a dam for protecting otter trawl of the big fisher boats which used to destroy the ecology system, due to a balance of the system and people also understood well about this, cooperating for protecting and deducting some disagreements within community, due to an important way of resources reviving permanently.

In the Present day, of Koh Talu-Bangsapan Bay has been rebuilt to be rich of resources again; the coral reefs which used to be destroyed by the bombs due to the fishing now it returned back and be alive, making lot of colorful to attract many tourists both Thai and Forefingers, coming to visit the wonderful beauties beneath the Gulf of Thailand, many kinds of fish are swimming within the colorful coral reefs, the sceneries on the island which still is natural, full of many kinds of the dark green local plants, natural view from a high cliff at the back side, sparkling and clean water with the golden sand on the nice beach when the sun is going to fall down,