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The Airhornsman

iPhone / iPad
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"My name is Errol Hornsby. Some think I'm the greatest debater that's ever lived. The rest know it. Some call me a maverick and some call me The Airhornsman...hornsman..."

If you recognize that line from Penny Arcade TV's "Blamimation with Kris and Scott," this app is for you. If you don't, this app is for you.

Either way, this app is for you.


Some people talk. Others let the Airhorn do the talking for them.
Now YOU can silence friends and foes alike with The Airhornsman, the iPhone and iPad application that gives you the power to insert a clip of Errol Hornsby, the Greatest Debater Who Ever Lived, replete with dismissive and all encompassingly disruptive airhorn sound effects, into any movie clip taken on your iDevice. Confound friends and dismiss relatives with The Airhornsman—The Final Word in Debate Technology.

** Movie editing capability allows users to insert dismissive Airhornsman clip into any existing movie file.

** Playable in-app airhorn sound effect disruptS even the most erudite of opposing viewpoints.

** Exporting functionality lets users post videos to any social network or video sharing service, providing maximum public humiliation for designated humiliatee.


***The video functionality only works if your hardware has a built-in video camera (iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad 2).***