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Neuropsychology by Florian Willet

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Medical
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"Neuropsychology by Florian Willet" explains how our brain works from the behavioral science point of view.

The tone used in the app is a mixture of relaxed and academic language. In a “popular” scientific way!

What do hormones, messengers, and neurotransmitters do to me?

How do they affect my thinking, feeling, and behavior?

Which areas of my brain are responsible for which cognitive tasks?

(Cognitive = relating to thinking, feeling, perceiving, recognizing, understanding, reminiscence/
Cognition = processing information and gaining recognition)

This app has not just been designed for biologists and psychologists.

These days, scientists of all disciplines make use of knowledge on brain research.

But, then again, this app has not just been designed for scientists.

Those of you who find it interesting to know that eating chocolate makes you happy because it releases serotonin, or that spirituality has something to do with the parietal lobes, will feel completely at home with this app.

Those of you who like to fill out those psychological tests in popular men's and women's magazines will encounter just as many interesting answers and explanations in this app as those who see life as sober and mechanical.

Those of you who find the stock market and stock trading fun and are also interested in "Behavioral Finance" or "Neuroeconomics" will feel completely at home with this app.