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Until Death 終老 HD

  • Lifestyle
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Media like gossip magazines, TV soap drama, radio programmes, fictions and movies have been re-defining what love is so as to maximize audience rating. They continue to refresh the content, expression and templates of love to maintain the marketing momentum on audiences.

The youth, being brain-washing for such a long time, have formulated the perspective of love that meets their expectation and aspiration; some adults are suddenly “enlightened” and query their belief on love, as such they are eager to meet their “second or even third Spring”.

“Until death” collects some bible verses about “love”. It aims to share with you “the nature/root of love”, “the commitment of love”, “the role of husband / wife”…

娱乐杂志、电视电台、小说电影、报章电影, 将爱情的内容、表达方式、示爱模式、忠诚程度, 按「市场需要」不断重塑和定义, 吸引读者和观众。年青人不断被模造, 最后拥有「合自己心意的爱情观」;年长的突然间「顿悟」, 对以往坚守的不断「怀疑」, 渴望遇上「第二第三春」。,