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Apples2Oranges - Price Comparison and Unit Conversion Calculator

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Apples2Oranges™: Nutritional and price comparison and conversion. Compare - convert - calculate in one step. Apples2Oranges is the perfect tool for comparison shopping.

Apples2Oranges saves you money! And its built-in conversion engine helps you watch what you eat.

Big claims, right? But they're true - because Apples2Oranges lets you shop more intelligently.

Want to save money? Apples2Oranges lets you compare two prices, even when the item sizes are different. Let Apples2Oranges tell you what's the better buy: 78 vitamins for $5.99 or 56 for $4.99. Or 150 feet of wrapping paper for $3.99 or 18 meters for $2.99.

Apples2Oranges can pay for itself with the money you save.

Watching your diet? Apples2Oranges can really help. If you've ever tried to compare the calories in a 1 cup serving to the calories in a 180 milliliter serving while standing in the aisle of a grocery store, you know it's not easy. But with Apples2Oranges, it is! Compare calories, sodium, sugar and anything else on the nutritional info label, no matter how different the listed serving sizes are.

(All non-metric liquid measurements use U.S., not British/Imperial, measures.)

Apples2Oranges lets you:

+ Save money
+ Watch what you eat

Start shopping smarter - get Apples2Oranges now.