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iLaser is the first in our series of educational apps devoted to science and technology. This app is designed to supplement and enhance the classroom lesson for introduction to lasers. The web platform coupled with animations and user interaction has the potential to stimulate and accelerate learning.

STEM education is a vital necessity to a productive and innovative society. Our apps are created for anyone who wish a media rich concentrated tweet of a science topic which they can learn step by step at their own pace. We live in the 21st century nanosecond world filled with new hi-tech innovations enhancing and empowering our lives each day. Our objective is to help you stay up to date with the latest science or health breakthrough QUICKLY AND EASILY with our e-learning Apps.

Main features:
1. To introduce users to lasers by explaining the science fundamentals of lasers
2. To explain/teach fundamentals of light and how that applies to lasers
3. To explain/teach how lasers are integrated into every day life
4. To explain/teach fundamental principles of optical physics as it applies to lasers
5. To utilize animations to aid textbooks and classroom lessons on how laser light is generated and how a laser works