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Clever Glock

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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What's a Clever Glock.....?

Clever Glock is a musical instrument to play for all ages!

Plays in ANY key in ANY mode!!!! Supports Major , Natural minor , Harmonic minor , Jazz minor key types.

Correct naming of notes and accidental symbols appear in each of the nine tines.
This is the pitch that the tine will sound for its current key, keytype and mode settings.

Touch and slide up or down a tine to play chords that work within
whatever key Clever Glock is set to, for that tines pitch.

Chords and harmonies that always work...

Touch any one of the nine tines and Clever Glock plays that pitch.
Sliding above where your finger (or thumb) first touched, will play the root position triad “home chord”
for that tine.

Sliding below where first touched plays a second degree triad “away chord” of the tines pitch.
By combining touching and sliding. both vertically and horizontally, natural sounding melodies with
harmonic accompaniment is achievable even with a single finger!