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Yomo (TimeLogger)

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
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Yomo is a frustration-free iPhone application for recording the time spent on activities, and to support and motivate you in continuing with those activities.

This application was created for people like you, who want to keep a record of their efforts.

With its elegant graph output, it is both beautiful and easy to use.

You can:
- Add activities and record the time spent on them
- Record multiple activities at the same time
- Analyze time spent on activities by graph
- Analyze change of total time spent on activities by graph
- Maintain a simple to-do list
- Use the timer in conjunction with a graph
- Confirm the count of current activities by icon badge

This application will help you to record your efforts: Many things are difficult to continue, like studying or dieting.

If you record the time you spend on your study or exercise, you will feel your effort is real by viewing the graph – this helps keep you motivated to keep going.


The main purpose of the graph is to enhance your motivation, not necessarily to analyze your time. The graph therefore needed to be easy to use as well as beautiful, so this is how I created it.
Yomo’s graph is like using “Map” – you can browse all records seamlessly.

To-Do Timer:

The function of the “To-Do Timer”, which is good for study, was added.
You can use this to decide which tasks you want to do, and how long you want to spend on them, and allows you to concentrate and focus when you’re measuring your activity with a timer.
If the time you measured is reflected automatically by a graph, don’t you think that’s useful?


This app works only on iPhone 4 and 4S
About Battery Consumption:
While you are displaying a graph, your phone will consume battery power at the same rate as a game. I do not recommend viewing graphs when your battery is low. This application does not run in the background. All records are carried out normally even if they finish application on the way