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贺立达亲密情人卡 greetinvite-LOVE GREETINGS iPhone edition

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有了贺立达 - 亲密情人卡, 您心爱的人将会收到难以忘怀的甜蜜浪漫讯息。这可不是一般普通, 千篇一律的祝贺卡。经过专人特别精心设计的贺立达 - 亲密情人卡, 每一张都独具一格, 情话饶富趣味, 幽默甜蜜, 而且插图超赞。相信在情人节, 周年庆或任何特别的日子里, 都能以它来表达您的浪漫心思和柔情蜜意。更重要的有了这项情人卡功能, 你在每一天或任何时刻都可以献上你的眷恋寄语和祝福!,


贺立达 - 亲密情人卡特点:






马上用贺立达 - 亲密情人卡来传送你俩的柔情蜜意吧!

With greetinvite-LOVE GREETINGS cards, your valentines and loved ones will receive a message of love and romance they'll definitely remember! It's not the typical greeting card app that relies on clip art and stock images. Every one of these specially designed greetinvite-LOVE GREETINGS has a witty message. Some fun, some quirky, some humorous, all beautifully illustrated. There's at least a card here that'll express your sentiment the way you wish, be it for Valentine Day or an Anniversary or any day you deem special. In fact, with this app, you can send your wishes every day.

Pick from the choice of 18 cards, type your heartfelt emotion and include a photo or some stickers for a personal touch. Then email, save or upload to share it on your facebook.

- 18 cards
- 96 stickers
- option to include your photos
- option to type your message in choice of fonts and colors
- option to email, upload to facebook or save to photos

So when you want to say it uniquely, say it with a greetinvite-LOVE GREETINGS iPhone edition card!