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This App Does Not Provide Current or Latest Lottery Results!

Lottery Digit App only contains past lottery data for some states.
Please read the description carefully.

Anyone want to guess the next winning lottery numbers? Lottery Digit is your answer! By using Lottery Digit you can leave the guess work to us! Lottery Digit does not select random numbers, rather it uses a complex algorithm to give you the best lottery numbers based on past winning numbers. Moreover, Lottery Digit allows users to view the past winning numbers from any U.S. lottery.

Some highlighted features include:

1: Lottery Digit covers most U.S. state sponsored lotteries.
2: Lottery Digit allows users to know how many times a number came up in a winning sequence.
3: Lottery Digit uses its algorithm to generate new numbers based on past winning numbers.
4: Lottery Digit allows users to view most of the past winning combinations for almost all of the state sponsored lottery drawings.

The lottery games that are available include:

*Arizona: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Cash 4, Fantasy 5, Pick 3, The Pick, Pick 3, 2By2
*California: Mega Millions,Super Lotto Plus, Fantasy5, Daily4, Daily5
*Connecticut: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Classic Lotto, Lucky 4 Life, Cash5, Play3, Play4
*District of Columbia: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Hot Lotto, DC-3, DC-4, DC-5
*Maryland: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Multi Match, Bonus Match 5, Pick3,Pick4
*Tennessee: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Tennessee Cash, Cash3, Cash4
*Wisconsin: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Pick3, Pick4, Super Cash, Mega Bucks, Badger5
*West Virginia: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Cash25, Daily3, Daily4, Hot Lotto
*Virginia: Mega Millions, PowerBall, Decades Of Dollars, Win For Life, Cash5, Pick3, Pick4
and more...


There is NO guarantee of winning any lottery. This application is for Entertainment purpose only. Play Lottery Digit app as a game and at your own risk! Provider and the Lottery Digit application DO NOT guarantee the numbers are accurate or tell any users the future winning numbers. The results are calculated based on past winning numbers. Users must agree to terms and condition before purchasing, installing or playing this application.

Download and play Lottery Digit today!
Supported Mobile Platform – IPhone

For current Lottery Digit updates check our blog:

- MAIN: Select any state and select most games
- LAST SIX: Get last 6 months of of past winning drawings
- MAX DIGIT: Get the most count of all digits in history
- RAND: Generate a lottery number based on selected state and game using past winning numbers.
- Supported Mobile Platform – IPhone 3.0 and latest