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Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball

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Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball was written by Lavelle Carlson, retired speech-language pathologist. It is the first in a series of Early Developing Sounds Storybook Apps for young children. The early developing sound addressed in Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball is the /b/. Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball App can be used by teachers, parents and speech-language pathologists as a supplement to teach the sounds, letters and language concepts through interactive reading and singing. The children will enjoy learning their colors by helping Baby Bunny kick the balls. Each page is loaded with learning animal sounds. Tap the animal on any story page or on page 11 to associate sound with the animal.

There are five activities following the story. (1) Colors-page 8: The child taps the correct colored ball for Baby Bunny to kick the ball in response to the audio. (2) Learn names of sports’ balls-page 10: Tap each ball and hear its name. (3) Animal sounds-story pages and page 11: Tap animal on any page of story after it is read or animals on page 11 to learn the animals’ sounds (and Baby Bunny drops the balls). (4) Identify animals by name and text-page 12: Tap either the text or an animal and the text is dropped to the correct animal as the child hears the name. (5) Associate letter sound to the printed letter-page 13: Tap the blue “B” which moves to the white “B” and the child hears the sound /b/ followed by name of the letter “B”.

Skills addressed: Colors
Names of balls
Animal sounds
Animal names
Articulation - early developing sound /b/
Phonics – sound /b/ to printed “B”

At any time during the story of Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball the child can turn the page by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner to go forward or by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner to go to the previous page. Once the last page (information page) is on the screen there is an exit button that will take you back to the opening page.

Speech Pathology Apps, LLC has created several apps that are free. This is our gift to the wonderful children of the world. Please check out our other free apps as well as our reading apps, Fat Cat App and Bats in the Cave as well as Are you Sleeping (teaching early verbs in English and Spanish).

Disclaimer: Apps and the devices on which they are played are more effective for young children when the human element is added. For that reason, Children's Publishing and its sister site,, has provided hands-on activities.
These can be accessed by going to, and clicking on the “Downloads” link in the top right corner. Then scroll down to Baby Bunny black line drawings. Or, go to and click on downloads. Here you will find color pictures and activities. Check the blog on for suggested extension activities on various apps.

Thanks to Joan L. McShane for providing the artwork for Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball and to Brenda Bennett for additional pictures.

Software development provided by IMAK Creations,

Music and voice-over provided by Myrna Cabello.
Music Studio: Affordable Sound, Austin, TX.