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■MailCat is a Mail Categorizer:
MailCat is a Mail Categorization App(The usage is explained at the online help of the App. The support page ---
 MailCat has two kinds of categorization method --- a machine learning categorization and a rule based categorization.
MailCat can filter out spams from the incoming mail messages by the machine learning categorizer,
and move mail messages to the specified mailbox by rules.
MailCat has no mail sending facility and has only support for IMAP.
POP/SMS/MMS are not supported.

■How to connect to an IMAP mail server:
To connect an IMAP mail server,
just specify your full email address as your login name(username) and the password you log in to your account.
If you don't know your login name/password, contact an organization or personnel in charge of the IMAP mail server to get a hostname, user id(name), password.

■Basic operation:
* Pull down to Refresh/Long Press to reload&spam filtering
* Pull up to download older mails at the bottom of message lists
*Tap/Swipe to switch accounts
Tapping/Swiping the navigation bar of the Mailbox list switches the account if multiple accounts are available.
* Tap/Swipe to move around mailboxes (among 'Quick View List')
* Move/Delete/Mark mail messages by the toolbar on the navigation bar
* Swipe up/down to move around mail messages
* Add a mail to the blacklist/spam learning data by swiping
*Swipe left/right to switch the rule list(view mode)
There are 4 views to show the rules for ‘Sender’, ’Subject’, ‘Message’, ‘Compound’.
Tapping/Swiping the navigation bar rotates the view.

■Spam filtering:
MailCat generates a spam filter by learning from spam and ham messages in INBOX.
Just follow the steps, you can have your own spam filter.

1. Tap 'Edit' button in Monitor.
2. Pick up several mail messages by tapping each table cell.
3. Tap "SPAM" button on the command bar.
4. Likewise pick up mails, and "HAM" button on the command bar.
5. "Pull to Refresh" or "Long press on the navigation bar" triggers Machine learning, then a spam filter will be generated.
6. Repeat the steps(1-5) until the number of spams and hams reaches about 16.
7. After learning 16 spams and 16 hams, MailCat starts judging which mail is spam or not.
8. Check the filtering result on Monitor.
9. Correct errors and 'Pull to Refresh" or "Long press( 2sec) on the navigation bar", re-learning starts and your spam filter gets smarter.

Repeat the steps(8-9) until no errors are found.

■Mail Rules:
There are 4 conditional fields for mail rules --- sender, subject, message, compound.
Mail rules are only applied for 'INBOX'.
To edit or create a mail rule, tap 'Edit' button on the Mailbox list. The selection menu appears, choose 'Rule'. Mail rules for ‘Sender’ will appear. Tap/swipe left the Navigation bar, the screen will change into mail rules for ’Subject’.
Swipe right, the screen goes back to the previous one.
To add a rule for 'Sender', 'Subject', ‘Message’, pull down the table view, then an empty cell will be added with saying ‘Tap to Edit’.
As to a ‘Sender’ rule, tap the ‘+’ button on the Navigation bar, and then tap "Sender"/"Address Book" button on the Navigation bar.

■Other usage:
Please visit support page.

To get a further support , contact through the following mail address.