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‧WINNER of Taipei Special Award in TIDCA 2013
‧WINNER of Bronze Award in GAME STAR 2012

"Chinese Dark chess", also called "Helf-board Xiangqi" is one of the most popular board games in Chinese.

Game start in a random order of 32 unreadable Xiangqi pieces on a 4x8 grid board. Two players take turns to open an unreadable piece, or move one of their pieces on the board.

A piece will be removed from the board, called "captured", by a bigger enemy piece moved onto it. This is the big-to-small list of all the "Chinese Dark chess" pieces :

將/帥(General) > 士/仕(Advisor) > 象/相(Elephant) > 車/俥(Chariot) > 馬/傌(Horse) > 包/炮(Cannon) > 卒/兵(Soldier)

Two kinds of the "piece capture" exceptions:
1. Soldier(卒/兵) can capture General(帥/將), and General can't capture Soldier.
2. Cannon can capture all the pieces, but need one piece between the target and itself.

Victory comes when all enemy's pieces be captured, or enemy player says surrender.

*The interface language of this App(中華暗棋) is Traditional Chinese only!