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GUINNESS navigator

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Search for pubs that serve delicious Guinness® near your location or in an area you specify.
Guinness® navigator is a convenient tool designed to help you find the best pint, whether you’re in an unfamiliar city or just can’t get in to your usual place.

About Guinness® navigator

[Guinness® Best Pubs Search]
This lets you search for a pub which sells Guinness by your current location, by prefecture, from a list of city districts, or by keyword.
Each pub’s page displays the pub’s name and business conditions, nearby train stations, phone number, address, days off, and website.
You can also search for a route there, or share information from your smartphone.

"SHINKOKYU-SURU IPPAI." This is a content to drive users to enjoy the brand message "SHINKOKYU-SURU IPPAI." It will feature not only our concept and knowledge on Guinness, but it will also enable users to experience a SHINKOKYU with Guinness when they send their breaths and tap "Blow-the-air and surge." There will also be information on an event that will take place during limited time only.

*Lets you search for the “Guinness® BEST PUBS” (pubs which serve Perfect Draft Guinness [keg]) in Japan. The “Guinness® BEST PUBS” are those Guinness Draft
Beer pubs which meet the standards set by Guinness (Diageo) (for things like properly cleaning their beer lines and glasses, gas pressure, serving temperature, using Guinness’s special pint glasses, pouring methods, amount of head (foam), keg storage temperature/freshness/rotation, etc.) and consistently provide Guinness’s Perfect Draft in the best possible condition.

Please do not share to users under the legal purchase age for alcohol.