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Are You Social Tww? The concept is that you use this WITH YOUR FRIENDS and not alone. A friend writes you a secret "gift" on your iPod/iPhone and then decides how long YOU must wait before that becomes available to see. It is a SOCIAL EXPERIENCE, by design. I hope discovering *that* brings you a measure of joy.

When it's all said & done, maybe you can spread the word…

Two situations where this free version of "Tww" is useful:

Case A, You like *SOMEONE*…
Let's say You have a secret for someone but… you want it delayed? Grab their iPhone/iPod, use Tww to encrypt your secret gift and let the game begin… =P

It's *free* so help them go get this if they don't have it yet. Then sit back and enjoy as they try to pry that hint out of you before its time. =)
Ah, the power… What a rush! LoL

Now you can go home + smile all night long, thinking, no, actually KNOWING that *they're* thinking of your little secret, tucked away encrypted in their pocket, seconds ticking away, reminding them of you.

P.S. Good things come to "Those Who Wait", right?
Well, that's why we call this "Tww".

Case B, THEY LIKE *You*…
Someone has a secret for *you* but they WANT you to wait before you find out what it is. Give them your iPhone/iPod, watch them — so concentrated, laughing, plotting, as they give you their secret gift & walk away confident you won't figure it out, giving them the last laugh… Maybe…


…Or will they? There is ONE WAY you MIGHT turn this around. The paid version "Tww Less" gives you *ONE SHOT* at unlocking their gift before its time arrives. There will *ALWAYS* be a DELAY, no-matter-what but maybe, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, you can cut it down by a few minutes or a few hours and switch the balance of power in this world of gifts & secrets. Remember, you *already* know they like you, right?

Tww tips:

"Tww"+"Tww Less" *don't* need each-other but they share the same collection of gifts, by design. Negotiating new gifts using both of them as 'social leverage' can entice your friends to play along + give you a little 'extra'.

Let's say you delete a gift that you wish you had kept. The paid version "Tww Less" also allows you to recover deleted gifts, so you can change your mind — after you "Kiss and make-up"… Yeah, it happens! =p

Don't worry, if you *really* want to erase one gift permanently, you know, to make sure no one finds out about its contents, go to the 'Settings' panel and choose "Erase Permanently". It's gone! You're safe now.

Features of this FREE version:

Protects your gift collection from being seen by someone entering a new gift for you. This means they can give you a *new secret* but they can't see any other.

New gifts are *ALWAYS* going to be LOCKED FOR A PERIOD OF TIME, regardless of which version you use or how many times you go change the date on your iPhone/iPod… Yeah… We tried it too… Tick-tock, You *MUST* wait. =p

Even in the *rare* best case if you "get lucky" & skip a massive amount of time with the paid version, there will be *at least a short delay* of a few minutes to allow whomever entered that new secret gift to "smile-your-way-to-humility". It's fun to try that (especially together vs. each-other) but a new secret will ALWAYS be secret *long enough* to make it interesting no matter which version you use.


For fans of smiling with friends, face-to-face.

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Published and distributed by Hugo S Diaz through StayAtPlay.

P.S. The name 'Tww' is pronounced "two", like the number.