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BehaviorSnap - Behavior Observation at Your Fingertips

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BehaviorSnap is a multimodal behavior observation tool created by school psychologists to identify the frequency, duration, and function of behaviors of interest for use on the iPad.

The default version is limited to 12 observations. Optionally subscribe to get unlimited observations and other great extended features. Users of the original version of BehaviorSnap are not required to subscribe to continue using the app. Simply find the "Check for Previous Purchase" button in 'My Subscriptions' tab.


- Four separate behavior observation tools in one app:

1. Interval Recording allows the user to estimate time-on-task by coding the individual's behavior at pre-determined intervals, without requiring that the individual to be continuously observed. The tool allows the user to code behavior for a typical peer to obtain comparative data.

2. ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) recording allows the user to collect information regarding the events that occur immediately preceding and following an individual's behaviors of interest. Patterns emerge from ABC data that allow the user to see the relationship between the individual's behavior and his environment. The tool allows the user to code not only actual consequences of problem behaviors, but also the "perceived function" of the individual's behavior.

3. Duration recording allows the user to monitor the length of time an individual engages in a behavior of interest. Behaviors are recorded with an in-app timer as the behavior of interest begins and ends. The tool allows for multiple behaviors to be recorded simultaneously, and does not require a pre-determined observation length to ensure that all pertinent data is recorded.

4. Frequency recording allows the user to tally the occurrences of a behavior of interest over time. The tool allows for multiple behaviors to be recorded simultaneously, and does not require a pre-determined observation length to ensure that all pertinent data is counted.

++ ALSO ++

- Each observation tool is customizable to meet the needs of individual students. Custom input is saved for each student to ensure efficient and consistent data tracking.
- Data from each observation is compiled into meaningful and easy to read graphs which are produced in PDF format. Reports can easily be emailed, printed, or attached to IEPs.
- Data export as CSV files to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, other applications and email.
- The observations and graphs provide clear behavioral information for data-based decision making.
- Student data is kept secure with confidentiality measures that adhere to professional ethical standards.

++ USES ++

- Identify and target specific behaviors of concern.
- Determine frequent triggers and maintaining consequences of problem behaviors.
- Gather behavioral data for Response to Intervention or Problem-Solving Plans.
- Use data to develop behavior intervention plans.
- Track IEP goals and objectives.
- Monitor the efficacy of new medications or interventions.
- Use to track behavior in the home environment.


- Allows multiple behaviors to be counted simultaneously within one direct observation.
- Customizable for individual students .
- Quick start function that allows the user to begin an observation immediately, entering pertinent student identification information at a later time.
- Developed by school psychologists to be intuitive and user-friendly for all school or clinical personnel.


Several screen-casts are available on our website @


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