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Dragon Eggs

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SAVE OSWYN -- Embark on a fantastic new adventure with Dragon Eggs, an exciting physics-based puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad! Play as Orella, a mother dragon faced with the biggest challenge of her life: deliver her baby dragon, Oswyn, to the safety of a golden nest before his egg hatches.

"A true puzzle game that will not only have a player’s brain working overtime, but their fingers as well." - Apptudes (4 1/2 stars)

"The colorful, captivating title definitely gives casual gamers of all ages something to squawk about." -

"Fun game with a lot of replayability… Buy it!" - VGBlogger

"A fun app for all ages!" -

"The environments are rendered beautifully and it flows smoothly in its pseudo 3D art." -

Keep Oswyn’s egg balanced delicately on your back as you fly through a series of twisting and turning caverns. Flap your wings to soar through dark caves, around icy glaciers, and over red-hot lava.

As the dragon Orella, your goal in Dragon Eggs is to navigate to your new home while overcoming a variety of challenges. Dangers include exploding plant pods, molten lava, splintering ice shards, and every dragon’s worst nightmare: erupting geysers. Dragons are very protective of their young, so be careful!

In Dragon Eggs, you can try 15 exciting puzzles from the Wild Hollow for free. Continue the adventure by upgrading to play all 45 challenging puzzles spread across three unique, richly-detailed worlds: the Wild Hollow, Frozen Caverns and Sea of Flames.

Easy to learn controls mean you'll be airborne and flying right away. Just tap the left side of the screen to flap Orella's right wing (and fly right) or the right side to flap her left wing (and fly left). Tap both sides to fly straight up.

But don’t take too long on your voyage home! You’ll be rated on how fast you and baby Oswyn can make it to safety.

Gathering gems along the way will allow Orella to breathe fire and stop some of the obstacles that you’ll face on your journey. Completing all of the puzzles will unlock a special, playable character that can help you to complete each level faster.

Each new fun-filled level brings new adventures and dangers in Dragon Eggs. Features of the game include:

* 45 Puzzles in 3 Unique Environments - Soar through caverns while battling the rugged terrains of the Wild Hollow, Frozen Caverns and Sea of Flames!

* Earn Your Scales - Get baby Oswyn to safety in record time by showcasing your flying skills.

* Collect the Gems – You can make Orella breathe fire to complete each puzzle faster!

* Game Center Support - There’s nothing wrong with being a proud dragon... showcase your achievements on Game Center.

* Unlock a Special Character – Completing all of the puzzles reveals a new character that will help you on your journey.

Oswyn will be hatching any minute... download Dragon Eggs and fly him to safety now!

Produced by RGH Games LLC. Developed by RGH Games LLC and F84 Games.