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Nap like a boss! Power naps, drooly naps, naps like a freakin' baby -- you'll track them all in this one fantabulous app!

You'll never have to suffer the embarrassment of forgetting whether you napped today or not -- scroll through NapKeeper and see every nap you have ever taken, how long it lasted, and whether you left a puddle of drool on the pillow!

Not only will YOU know that you've napped, but now you can tell the world with NapKeeper's exclusive "Tell my friends on Facebook I napped again today!" feature.

Features include...

• Timer that uses decimal numbers and not Klingon or Greek symbols!
• Buttons you can click. Not just once, but almost forever!
• Alarm sounds guaranteed* to wake you from your nap. (*Guarantee not guaranteed.)
• User interface designed by a programmer, not some hoity-toity designer!
• Unlimited number of naps can be recorded, depending on your definition of unlimited. But it's a LOT!
• Share your naps with all your peeps on Facebook, right from inside NapKeeper! They'll all be envious of you and your nap app!

Sure, you can use an inferior nap application, but only NapKeeper has the exclusive Nap Recording Technology developed in the months-long Alaskan winter, where napping is more than just a passing fad -- it's an activity that's taken as seriously as you do.

NapKeeper will change the way you nap, and you know what they say...

Change your nap, change your life!

Are you ready for the first nap of the rest of your life? Get NapKeeper now!

- - -

Important Operating Instructions

To use NapKeeper as a real life nap timer, make sure you change your iPhone or iPod touch settings so your device doesn't go to sleep. If your device is sleeping *and* you're sleeping, who knows if you'll ever wake up. Not me, that's for sure!
To change settings, go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock and set it to Never.